Bridge Across The River Nile

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Author:Mark Mwandosya
Year Published: 2006

The Nile is the longest river in the world.Throughout history it has been associated with myth,curiosity,awe,and has been a subject of much research.The Nile is a source of civilization,a facilitator of trade over ages,the center of empires,and it is responsible for the development of knowledge,science and technology.The River Nile and its basin unites 11 African countries,namely;Burundi,the Democratic Republic of Congo,Egypt,Eritrea,Ethiopia,Kenya,Rwanda,South Sudan,Tanzania,and Uganda.The Central African Republic contributes a minutes portion of the Basin. This book:BRIDGE ACROSS THE RIVER NILE,examines in detail the history ,geography,engineering,and the geopolitics and challenges of cooperation among the riparian states of the Nile.A number of experts in trans boundary rivers,political scientists and politicians have predicted that should there be another major world war,it will result from serious disagreements about the sharing and utilization of transboundary waters.The writer of this book,Professor Mark Mwandosya,is not one of those who subscribe to the belief that the worst will happen in transboundary water cooperation or the lack of it.He is convinced that the River Nile has over millennia been,is and will continue to be a bridge across basin inhabitants,cultures,riparian states.This conviction is based on his experience in transboundary water negotions and in particular,negotiations which led to the finalization and promulgation of the Nile Basin Cooperative Framework Agreement(CFA). BRIDGE ACROSS THE RIVER NILE inspires the reader to explore and obtain a deep understanding of the geopolitics of international River basins and the River basins in particular. It is an informative reference source for the general public, bureaucrats, politicians, teachers and lectures, students, scholars and researchers in trans boundary waters..

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