The BASICS of Public Sector Accounting and Reporting: Volume 1

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Author:Samuel E. Fulgence
Year Published: 2015

The BASICS of Public Sector Accounting and Reporting: Volume 1 is written and supported by a vast experience in teaching and setting exams in Public Sector Accounting and Reporting for undergraduate programmes and NBAA students. The primary aim of this book is to provide a detailed, but simplified approach, exposition of public sector accounting and reporting theories and practical issues. The book has been prepared to meet the needs and expectations of readers from Institutions of higher learning undertaking bachelor degrees, diploma and certificate as well as NBAA Examinations. This book will be suitable to other stakeholders such as Lectures in this subject and practitioners in this field. The intended audience will find this book tremendously useful. The book covers seventeen (17) topics, each containing illustrative examples, diagrams and tables which make the content simple to grasp. At the end of each topics, there are review questions which will enable readers, not only to test their understanding, but also to sharpen the efficiency as they put into practice what has been presented in each topic. Some of the illustrations review questions are in a case study form, so as to enable readers to interrogate cases in practical situations. Each Topic therefore has been extensively covered in such a way that it leaves readers well informed knowledgeable..

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