Linguistic Morphology. A Student Guide

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Author:Amani Lusekelo
Year Published: 2015

Linguistic Morphology: Student Guide is a book written in effort to introduce students of linguistics to various topics on linguistic morphology. The intention is to help students of linguistics to grasp the basic topics surrounding linguistic morphology, a course designed to be compulsory in most universities and colleges around the globe. This book, therefore, is geared to uncover as much as possible, the details pertaining to the morphology of the language such as topics on derivation, reduplication, inflection, borrowing and compounding. Based on topics covered in this book, the guide is appropriate for undergraduate and postgraduate university levels of education. This is because the topics are ordered in a manner that a reader in undergraduate level could take the general chapters, while postgraduate readers could gain from chapters with specific topics. This book derives illustrations from English and Kiswahili Languages. Almost every topics covered is exemplified by these languages.French examples are only used in few sections and for some topics..

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