Supremacy of Law A Selected Judgment, Speeches and Writings

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Author:Justice Barnabas Albert Samatta
Year Published: 2021

This book, is a collection of the decision, speeches and papers of Hon. Justice Samatta and commentaries of the prominent jurists from his land, goes a long way in providing gems in both criminal and civil aspects of the law; covering a myriad of legal subjects, namely, human right law, law of torts, constitutional law, law of contract, international law and, of course, the history of the legal education of East Africa, among others. Notwithstanding the diverse legal subjects canvassed, it is a glaring fact that, throughout this book, supremacy of law remains the underlying theme. It is this spirit that the author of this book intends to instill in minds of the members of legal fraternity and the public in general. Along the same line, diverse vital principles of the law have been restated and, or laid down..

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