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Good Muslim, Bad Muslim The book analyses the events before and after September 11, pinning down the American Foreign Policy of post cold war period as the source of terror. He distinguishes cultural Islam and political Islam: and this way sheds light into Political Islam distrinct as a distrinct Identity form cultural Religiuos Islam. This refutes the notion that there are some good (Western Liberal Muslim) and Bad fundamentalism Muslim. Author: Mahmood Mamdani
ISBN: 0 375 422 85 4
Price: 20,000/=
Consistutional Development in East Africa for Year 2000 The book suggests, takes a critical stock of democracy and constitutional in East Africa for the year 2000. As a regional block and in individual countries.It also points at challenges and prospects the East African Community faces as an institutional mechanism to foster democracy and constitutionalism in East Africa. Writer: Issa G.Shivji
ISBN: 9987 622 52 6
Price: 7,000/=
The Unity of African Ancient History This book is a critique of what the author terms “colonial and neocolonial African History.” Following in the footsteps of African scholars such as Cheik Anta Diop, Felix Chami uses a Variety of data. Writer: Felix A. Chami
ISBN: 9987 411 18
Price: 25,000/=
When Victims Become Killers This book tries to explain why the Rwandan genocide, unlike others state inspired and organised mass Killings,wa s p e r f o r m e d by hundreds of thousands of ordinary citizens most of whom were respected members of society and close relatives of the victims. Author: Mahmood Mamdani
ISBN: 9987 622 33 X
Price: 20,000/=
Babu: I Saw the Future and It Works Abdulrahman Babu was a committed revolutionary, a dedicated socialist, a devoted Pan-Africanist and an intellectual who practised what he believed. This book gives a bird’s eye view of his political thought. Author: Haroub Othman, Ed.
ISBN: 9987 622 27 5
Price: 8,000/=
Civics The book offers civic education on various basic aspects of democracy such as separation of state powers, electoral system, instruments of national security, Law enforcement, party systems etc. Writer: REDET
ISBN: 9987 622 34 8
Price: 10,000/=
Confronting New Realities This book makes an in depth examination of a political and economic transformations that have taken place. It highlights both the achievements made and the challenges that continue to confront Tanzania particularly in the context of new and dynamic global realities. These realities are characterized by an unfair globalization in the fi elds of trade and investment and by a political orthodoxy that demands strict adherence to a set of conventional rules about democracy and governance that are not necessarily appropriate and relevant to poor countries like Tanzania. Author: Juma V. Mwapachu
ISBN: 9987 411 20 7
Price: 25,000/=
Constitutional Review Process in Kenya The Book on the Constitutional Process in Kenya based on the fi ndings of the Fact- Finding Mission commissioned by Kituo cha Katiba, the East African Center for Constitutional Development (KCK). It is insightful and gives recommendation which will contribute positively not only to the ongoing dialogue about constitutional reform in KENYA, but also to the broadening of democracy and constitutional developments in the whole of East Africa. Editors: Edward F. Ssempebwa & Chris Maina Peter
ISBN: 9987 622 52 6
Price: 7,000/=
Nyerere on Education: This is a unique collection of Nyerere’s essays on education covering the period from 1954 – 1998. In the essays, Mwalimu Nyerere strives to defi ne an education system that answers such key questions as what in the meaning and purpose of education? What is a schooling meant achieve? How can education as tool of development? Nyerere on Education is a must read for all people interested in human development. Editors: HAKIELIMU/E&D
ISBN: 9987 8943 5 6
Price: 10,000/=
Language of Instruction in Tanzania and South Africa (LOITASA) It is a collectionof twelve academic papers for Language of Instruction in Tanzania and South Africa Project in Morogoro.It describes the current language in education situation in Tanzania and south Africa.The reader will know about the research of current policies regarding the language of these two countries as it works in the classroom of these countries. Editors: Birgit Brock – Utne,Zubeida Desai and Marth Qorro
ISBN: 9987 622 53 4
Price: 18,000/=
Nyerere on Education II Kitabu hiki ni juzuu ya pili ya mkusanyiko wa maandiko ya Mwalimu kuhusu elimu. Mkusanyiko huu unajumuisha maandiko yake kati ya 1961 na 1997. Kwake Mwalimu elimu haiwezi kutenganishwa na maendeleo. Lazima ilenge mahitaji na changamoto ya kila siku ya watu. Editors: Eliesh Lema,Issa Omari, Rakesh Rajani
Publishers: HAKIELIMU/E&D
ISBN: 9987 423 16 7
Price: 10,000/=
Democratic Transition in East Africa Offers an insiders’ view of democratic transitions taking place in Kenya,Uganda and Tanzania. Leading scholars from East Africa assess the region’s progress towards democratization and examine the two key components of any democratic system, namely, political parties and civil society. This book is an important contribution to the efforts of consolidating democracy in a region sharing a common history, language, culture and aspirations. Author: REDET
ISBN: 9987 411 13 4
Price: 10,000/=
Reflections of my Mind This is a story about a person’s struggle with life’s injustices, an individual’s confl ict with the world around him. One is pulled to turn the pages until one finds the outcome of Hamisi’s extraordinary challenge to God’s judgment. Author: Martin P. Mbonde
ISBN: 9987 622 52 6
Price: 10,500/=
INDEPENDENCE? Tanzania’s Challenge since Uhuru: It is a story of setbacks and disappointments, but also of pride. Much has gone wrong since 1961, but peace and harmony have been preserved and developed. Tanzania is today a country of development and economic growth, though not really sufficient to reduce poverty. Writer: Knud Vilby
ISBN: 9987 7106 590 2
Price: 15,000/=
Womens Land Rights and privatization in Eastern Africa This volume focuses on the impact on women's land rights from the contemporary drive towards the formulation and implementation of land tenure reforms which aim primarily at the private registration of land. It is solidly grounded in the findings from seven case studies, all based on in-depth qualitative research from various rgions of Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. Writer: Birgit Englert & Elizabeth Daley
ISBN: 978-9970-02-844-3
Price: 18,000/=
LOITASA Is a NUFU (Norwegian University Fund) - funded project which began in January 2002. This first phase continued through 2006. At the end of that phase, we were granted a second phase (2007 - 2011). LOITASA is, what in donor circles is known as a research cooperation between South Africa, Tanzania and Norway. Most of the chapters in this book were first presented as papers at the LOITASA workshop, at the University of Oslo on the 30th of April and 1st of May 2008. In the second phase of LOITASA, as in the first. Writer: Martha Qorro, Zubeida Desai and Birgit Brock - Utne
ISBN: 978-9987-521-45-6
Price: 18,000/=
Justice Rights and Worship The book exposes several interesting fi ndings. One of these is the size of the Tanzanian population who still subscribe to the indigenous belief systems; another is the extent to which these systems still colour the practices of confessed Muslims and Christians; a third is that, while Tanzania has been basking in relative freedom from religious strife, events in the last two decades warn that this should not be taken for granted. So far, the conflicts within the two major eligions present greater cause for concern than those between them.But if the elationships between and within religions are generally potentially conflictual, he one between religion and politics is even more so.. Writer: REDET
ISBN: 9987 411 31 2
Price: 25,000/=
Where is Uhuru? Reflections on the Struggle for Democracy in Africa. Writer: Issa G. Shivji
ISBN: 978-1-906387-46-4
Price: 20,000/=
Zanzibar and the Swahili Coast Zanzibar and the swahili coast from c.30,000 years a go. Writer: Felix A. Chami
ISBN: 978-9987-521-57-9
Price: 35,000/=
Run Free The basic premise of this book is that regional integration in Africa offers great promise in addressing endemic poverty and in advancing Africa's integration in the global economy. Based on hands on experience of the author and a body of research focusing on the East African Community, the book breaks the path in providing a wealth of information and analysis of cutting edge topical issue on Africa's emergent promise, as well as on the challenge that confront Africa and the EAC in particular in achieving deeper economic and political integration.