Title Cover Description Author
Parched Earth Parched Earth is a narrative about responses of female characters to the masculine world. The book consists of four exciting sections. Writer: Elieshi Lema
ISBN: 9987 622 22 4
Price: 18,000/=
Lion of Yola Yola is a village in rural Tanzania.It describes the struggle of the people of Yola to survive,to live well and to develop.The story teaches us about the virtues of good leadership and good governance. Author: S. Ndunguru
ISBN: 9987 411 09 6
Price: 7,500/=
Mini Devils Mini Devils is a humorous story of two boys poke fun at adult male society and the human ego exposing the terrible frailty of the other side of human character. Writer: Wilson Kaigarula
ISBN: 9987 411 10X
Price: 7,500/=
Silent Empowerment of the Compatriots Is a translation of the Swahili novel Miradi Bubu ya Wazalendo, winner of the 1997 Tanzania Best Book Prize. It is a powerful historical novel which forces us to re-think the whole notion of independence and the construction of a new society. It scans 50 years of endowed. Author: Gabriel Ruhumbika
ISBN: 978 9987 521 59 3
Price: 12,000/=
In the belly of Dar es Salaam In the Belly of Dar es Salaam is a timely novel which questions the political rhetoric on the commitment too social-economic development and the adage of a better life for all Tanzanians.