Lessons and Implications for REDD+ Implementation experiences from Tanzania

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Year Published: 2017

This book,Lessons and Implications for REDD+ Implementation experiences from Tanzania" emanates from climate Change Impact Adaptation and Mitigation (CCIAM) research programme.The book comes at a time of high interest and attention to climate change,and REDD+policies have been given recognition during the paris COP 21 Climate Accord.This heralds new era of REDD+ implementation by committed parties to adapt to and /or mitigate climate change impacts in their countries.The Accord come into force on November 4 th 2016.The book is therefore, a welcome addition to the REDD+ literature.It will hopefully be found interesting,relevant and usefull by global,national and local policy makers,development agencies and forest authorities.It provides excellent empirical information and analyses pertinent to issues of sustainable forest conservation and livelihoods. This book is a result of research projects,on various themes,conducted on 8 different pilot projects implemented by local NGOs in Tanzania.The 15 research chapters in this book touch upon important and relevant themes for REDD+ implementation.The papers assess the architecture of REDD+ pilots and the roles of NGOs.They analyse the pilots in terms of outputs and various types of performance based payments,distribution concerns and participation effects on outputs and result based initiatives in relation to MRV strategies and outcomes. The REDD+ financing mechanism in Tanzania are implemented according to UNFCC decision 4/CP.15 which requires Countries to develop national forest reference emission level (REL) and /or forest reference level (RL) for REDD+. Therefore, empirical analyses and evidence contained in this book are essential for us to learn from, and improve by, for successful future implementations of REDD+.