Tanzania in the Age of Change and Transformation

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Author:Juma Mwapachu
Year Published: 2018

In this refreshing book,Ambassador Juma Mwapachu uses the case of Tanzania to map out the frontiers of Africa,s economic growth.He returns the reader with vivid examples to basic issues that underlie sustained development. The central message in Tanzania in the Age of Change and Transformation is that surviving in an uncertain world is going to take considerable capacity in entrepreneurship and innovation. The book outlines a number of measures that could play a key role in the entrepreneurial turn of the country. What particularly stands out is the emphasis that the book places on leadership, human capabilities and institutional innovation. The strength of the book lies in pointing to contemporary realities, using the author,s personal experience and displaying mastery of national, regional and international dynamics. It contains original material and insight that only Mwapachu, given his deep knowledge of Africa,s development history, can provide. It is a book about Tanzania. It is a book about Africa at large. It also a book about today,s world where traditional values that have for centuries underpinned economic theories are being challenged in the very countries that promulgated them. IT IS BOOK THAT MUST BE READ..

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