Tanzania Active Learning Atlas for Primary Schools

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Author:E&D , Map Studio
Year Published: 2011

This Active Learning Atlas for Primary Schools focuses completely on the specific needs of Tanzania,s primary school pupils and teachers. The Atlas provides detailed and comprehensive coverage of the mapping demands of the new Geography syllabuses for Standard 3-7. This Active Learning Atlas is uniquely different because it provides learners with much-needed explanations of key map skills concept, as well as with a wide range of activities which are clearly graded for each standard in terms of level of difficulty and syllabus content. In this way, the Active Learning Atlas provides opportunity for both teachers and pupils to develop and practice important and necessary map skills,as well as critical thinking,problem solving and inquiry skills. To strengthen further the active learning approach for teachers and pupils,this Atlas is the only one in the market which is accompanied by a Teacher,s Guide.This Guide gives teachers • ‘how to’’guidelines on the teaching of map skills-such as how to use and learn from photos, and how to draw and read maps- and on teaching with atlases in general; • Background information on the importance of map skills,and how to use the Atlas: • Lesson plans,as well as other suggestions, for teachers to help pupils to develop map skills: • Answers to the activities in the Atlas and some tips on how to do the Activities. Other important and valuable features of this Active Learning Atlas include the following. The amount of detail shown in the maps has been carefully selected to meet the specific needs of primary school pupils and teachers. The latest information has been used to produce colorful, attractive and highly relevant maps and graphs required by the syllabuses. The content of the Atlas is very clearly shown in color coded and easy to use page at the beginning of the Atlas. All pages in the Atlas are color-coded in the same way. Separate locator maps-which enable pupils to locate the areas shown by particular maps in their broader environments-are provided for all maps. Every map has a Map Heading, a clearly labelled and separate Map Key ,an indication of the Scale of the map and a Direction Indicator. Maps generally have both an alpha-numeric grid as well as a latitude-longitude grid to help pupils to locate places on the maps. A variety of graphs and photographs are provided to support the teaching and learning of Geography. An easy-to use Index is provided of all key place in the Atlas..