Understanding Geography Introduction to Basic Concepts Form 1

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Year Published: 2022

Understanding Geography: Introduction to Basic Concepts, Form 1 is a supplementary book for Form One students which introduces the basic concepts of geography to learners, namely; the Concept of Geography, of the Solar System and of Earth. Three basic concepts addressed therefore start with the Concept of Geography which gives the meaning of geography, the ideas that build up the concept, including place, space, environment, sustainability and the interconnections of geographic phenomena. The section illustrates the broad nature of Geography as a discipline of knowledge which started from the basic level of observation of the environment and grew to cover all studies of Earth. The Concept of the Solar System elaborates the relationship and connection of planet Earth to the sun and other planets in the solar system. The section explain the contributions of human beings-philosophers and scientists- from ancient time, in making planet earth and the solar system understood. To achieve this, they may made instruments to observe space bodies, they made complex mechanical and scientific models with which to facilitate studies, and the results have led to the knowledge that is learnt in schools about the bodies of the solar system, including Earth, their locations, characteristics and relationship to each other. The Concept of Earth enables the students to have a basic understanding about the planet on whose surface human beings live. The section briefly elaborates what makes Earth a unique planet from the others in the solar system, how it functions and is therefore able to support life. The Concept of earth shows how human beings have contributed to making the planet earth livable by finding out its shape and movements, how to locate places on its spherical shape and how to devise time and dates. Humans have also accumulated a body of knowldge about eart,s features and their distribution on its surface. A rich glossary is given at end of the book to aid the learner in understanding the term used in the book, making it a good resource for teachers and students..