E and D Vision Publishing Limited, is a development publisher and by this we mean that the driving force of the publishing process in E and D is the commitment to avail information and knowledge to people in a society that direly needs information and knowledge, within a global context, where more than ever before, information and knowledge is POWER.


To publish good quality books for all levels of readership and to ensure their access in the market, by diligently supporting a strong network of booksellers and book outlets. E & D Vision Publishing Ltd. is subsidiary of E & D Editorial Services and Publishing Consultancy.


To contribute to the creation, promotion and sustenance of a reading habit and culture by actively participating in the development of readership in Tanzania and by profitably producing a body of literature which answers to reader’s intellectual, educational and development needs, is gender sensitive and culturally empowering

To see Tanzania become an informed society that values knowledge, literature, creativity and independent thinking.